Claris pureSoft

Claris pureSoft 1
Claris pureSoft 1

Claris pureSoft water filter system, with partial desalination for the supply of disinfection-washers and commercial appliances.

Claris pureSoft filter cartridges offer a partial desalination of the feed water based on a multi-stage filter cartridge:

  • Stage 1) Pre-filtration retains coarse particles, such as sand or grit
    Stage 2) The ion-selective filter medium reduces water hardness and partially desalinates
    Stage 3) Activated carbon adsorber reduces dissolved organics
    Stage 4) Fine- filter reduces particles for appliance protection

DUOBLEND® blending valve technology
Thanks to the new patent pending DUOBLEND® bypass valve technology the new CLARIS pureSoft water filter system with partial desalination allows the adjustment of the hardness in the filtrate. Not every application requires or permits a full desalination, but different needs require a customized degree of water treatment. The CLARIS pureSoft partial desalination system with DUOBLEND® valve technology allows lowering the mineral content and the individual adjustment of the hardness level. Additionally, the CLARIS pureSoft system with partial desalination removes dissolved organics and particulate contaminants and provides effective protection against lime scale in sensitive equipment and hot water systems. In combination with the multi-stage filtration process, including the final filtration stage the CLARIS pureSoft system sets a new benchmark in the water purification market.

One connection head fits various types of filter cartridges
The CLARIS pureSoft filter family is a modular filter cartridge system, consisting of a selection of unique multifunctional connection heads and a combination of filter cartridges with graded treatment capacity. The system family is designed for applications in laboratories, medical centers and various commercial operations. Thanks to its compact dimensions and the sophisticated multi- valve connection head, the system can be installed and operated almost anywhere, in vertical position free standing or mounted.

Hassle free filter cartridge exchange and low Service Costs

  • > Cartridges replaced from mains in seconds: ‘twist off – twist on’
  • > Air vend and rinsing directly at the filter head without any disconnection of tubes
  • > Automatic Inlet and outlet shut off valves for secure cartridge replacement
  • > Pressure release valves automatically operated at filter cartridge replacement
  • > Replacement of all gaskets between head to cartridge with every new cartridge
  • > Flat cartridge connector allows replacement in limited space

The Claris pureSoft filter cartridge family is available in a range of 5 different filter - sizes with incremental capacity for low to very hard water areas and for small to high volume operations:

Claris pureSoft: S / M / L / XL / XXL

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