ClaroSwiss C filter cartridge family

ClaroSwiss C filter cartridge family 1
ClaroSwiss C filter cartridge family 1

Protection for your machine – perfection for your customers

ClaroSwiss-C prevents a significant pH value drop in the filtrate, increases corrosion protection and achieves a high liter capacity in a compact filter unit.
The basis for achieving the stable setting of natural minerals and low pH value drop lies in the ClaroSwiss-C mineral stabilization technology in combination with the patented DUOBLEND® blending technology. This precisely maintains the desired blend in a narrow setting range, with little fluctuation, irrespective of flow rate and pressure. The ClaroSwiss-C system with DUOBLEND® technology thereby creates the basis for premium tea, satisfied customers and a trouble-free, profitable business.

  • > Sustaining tea quality and optimal use of ingredients
  • > Combines lime scale protection and corrosion inhibition
  • > Inhibits metal migration (corrosion) from machine parts
  • > Offers cartridge family with widest capacity range (one head fits all)
  • > Ensures lower cost of operation / less down time of machines

One fits all -
multi-valve connection head

The ClaroSwiss water filter family is a modular filter cartridge system, consisting of a unique multifunctional connection head and a family of filter cartridges designed for the specific requirements of the Horeca and premium gastronomy market. Thanks to its compact dimensions and the sophisticated multi- valve connection head, the system can be installed and operated almost everywhere, free standing, mounted or in a vertical or horizontal position.

  • > Cartridges replaced in seconds ‘twist off – twist on’
  • > Air vent and rinsing directly at the filter head - no disconnection of tubes
  • > Automatic inlet and outlet-shut off valves for secure cartridge replacement
  • > Pressure release valves automatically operated at filter cartridge replacement
  • > Replacement of all gaskets between head to cartridge with every new cartridge

The ClarioSwiss-C cartridge family is available in a range of 6 sizes with incremental capacity for low to very hard water areas and for small to high volume operations.

ClarosSwiss: 170C, 250C, 500C, 1000C, 1500C, 2000C

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