Aquis Wasser-Luft-Systeme GmbH was founded in 1995 and develops and manufactures innovative solutions in the field of water filtration and water treatment. Its original knowhow is based on the extensive expertise in water softening and water management technologies of its former mother company Aweco (today Aweco-Sunhua), an established components supplier to leading companies in the household industry like Miele, Bosch/Siemens, Electrolux, Whirlpool, V-Zug, etc.

Aquis Wasser-Luft-Systeme GmbH specializes in water treatment – mainly for drinking water – as follows:

  • > Softening / mineral adjustment /demineralisation technologies
  • > Removal of particles and colloidal suspended particles
  • > Taste improvement, colour and odour elimination
  • > Removal of harmful or toxic contaminants – such as heavy metals, pesticides, etc…
  • > Reduction of germs and bacteria

Furthermore the company specializes in developing and manufacturing similar filter systems and water treatment devices for various other applications such as:

  • > Household appliances like coffee and tea machines, filter jugs, ironing systems,
    air purifiers/washers and humidifiers
    > Pure and safe water in kitchen and bath for residential use
    > In the Food Service industry for commercial food and beverage machines
    > Special applications for laboratories, sterilizing equipment or air conditioning

The products are designed and manufactured either for OEM customers or for businesses using their own brand names. The OEM products are exclusively distributed and marketed through the organisation of the OEM partners under their brand name - co-branded with CLARIS® or CLAROSWISS®.

Aquis has its own production sites in Switzerland and China. The company is ISO 9001 certified and periodically audited by official certification authorities and customers.

Aquis has more than 60 employees in research, production and sales for its range of water filtration products.

Because of its association with a group of companies, Aquis has access to approx. 350 skilled people. The group offers a wide range of know-how and capabilities – from development and engineering to manufacturing and sales.

The fields of expertise and applications are:

> Water filtration and water treatment
> Water management – specialized in electronic sanitation and sensor faucet technology
> Mechatronic devices and components – a combination of electronics, mechanics and hydraulics
> Electronic manufacturing services (EMS)