Company milestones

Company milestones

Foundation as spin off of Aweco, a German supplier of components such as valves, water
softeners, dispensers, etc. for household appliances (white goods industry).

Introduction of the first and newly developed electronic faucet line under the trademark “iqua”.

Invention and development of the first water filter cartridge with a direct connection to the outlet of
the water tank of household appliances (intank water filter).

Series introduction and market launch of intank water filter cartridges under the trademark
CLARIS® in combination with one of the leading brands in the field of fully-automatic coffee machines (cobranding).

Restructuring of ownership and transfer of the faucet business unit into a newly founded company,
named Aquis Sanitär AG.

Start of a new production site with own injection molding facility.

Development of a new family of filter cartridge systems for direct connection to main water supply
for feeding professional food & beverage machines.

Purchase and expansion of the building at the headquarters in Switzerland.

Sales and distribution cooperation with Pentair/Everpure for Claris filter systems in the field
of professional food and beverage applications.

Development of filter jugs for daily use water filtration. Establishing another production site in China.

First production of filter jugs under the trademark CLAROSWISS®.

Introduction of the unique and patented „Ultra-Technology“ which provides improved and
outstanding softening performance in comparison to similar filter systems in the Food Service Industry.

Introduction of unique and patented „Vitamin-C Technology“ - an additional feature in CLAROSWISS® jug filters which provides not only purification of water but also enrichment with healthy vitamin C.

Introduction of a new cleaning technology for coffee, tea or multi beverages machines using capsules, under the trademark CLAROSWISS®.

Introduction of the newly developed residential filter cartridge family for purified, healthy and great
tasting water in kitchen and bath under the brand name of CLAROSWISS®.

Worldwide first presentation and series introduction of intelligent filter cartridges with
communication capability for household appliances which improve user safety and customer benefits.

Relocation of the production site from Murg on Walensee to Rebstein in the Rheinvalley. Extensive
investments for modernizing and optimizing the production facilities.