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Water is our element

Water is our element

Our guiding principle is improvement of water for daily use.
This applies to drinking water as well as to water for food processing, depending on its use.

It is our ambition to resolve various challenges in the field of water treatment and water conditioning. These challenges are created by our innovative visions, product ideas and/or customer specific demands.

Our goal is to develop high quality solutions based on innovative and latest state-of-the art technologies, allowing for series production.

It is our philosophy to integrate our customers into the value adding process on a regular basis. We verify it by numerous long lasting OEM co-operations, where customized products are exclusively distributed and marketed through our partner organizations - supported by co-branding with our trademarks CLARIS® and CLAROSWISS®.

We heavily invest into protecting our innovations and developments by patent applications and trademark registrations for the long term benefit of our customers.

It is our desire to develop, manufacture and distribute technically ambitious - but even more
important - practical and useful products. Our origin as a spin-off of a component supplier for household appliances as well as our own company history of more than 20 years and the close association with a group of other specialized companies allows us to draw from a wide and long lasting experience.