Medical technology

Claris pure filter family

Water purification for medical / commercial applications
The new CLARIS pure water filter system sets a new standard in the medical and commercial sector. CLARIS pure filter cartridge systems have been designed down to the last detail to cater for the exacting requirements on quality and service in the local supply of laboratories, medical centers and various other commercial businesses with purified water. The unique Claris water filter system combines sophisticated filtration technology with smart engineering excellence, up to now only associated with larger and expensive installations.

When technology counts …CLARIS pure delivers
The efficiency of dishwashers, disinfection washers, the safety in the use of sterilizers and the reliability of commercial appliances significantly depend on the water quality and therefore on the used water purification technology. CLARIS pure filter systems meet the high demands of critical applications and can help to reduce costs.

  • > Superior cleaning and disinfection results
  • > Reliable supply of disinfection washers
  • > Low investment and maintenance costs
  • > Protection of equipment from scale and water related breakdown
  • > Safe supply of sterilizers with pure water

Protection of your machine – perfection of your results
The precise adjustment of the partial desalination level with the CLARIS pureSoft system in combina­tion with the removal of other contaminants allows best protection of equipment and supports perfect cleaning, rinsing and disinfection processes. The CLARIS pureWater system with its demineralization stage allows the safe supply of sterilizers and laboratory equipment with demineralized water. The CLARIS pure filter system family allow the perfect adjustment of the water for your application and are the basis for your successful business: security, reduced costs and perfect results.

A filter cartridge system for different requirements on water quality:

  • 1 CLARIS pureSoft filter system with partial desalination for the supply of dishwashers,
    disinfection washers and commercial appliances

    2 CLARIS pureWater filter system with demineralisation for the supply of sterilizers,
    disinfectors, ultra pure water purifiers and other critical applications
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