Combi steamer & steam oven

ClaroSwiss-S water filter cartridge family

The competitive environment in the HORECA-market challenges manufacturers of machinery and water treatment systems to develop high quality equipment at reduced investment and service costs.
With the introduction of the ClaroSwiss-S system, Aquis is offering a new standard of filtration technology to the market that is designed to be the most effective one in terms of scale control, machine protection and operating costs.

The innovative overall concept is not only very simple and convenient to use, but thanks to its modular design also offers freedom and flexibility for the future.
Water differs greatly in its composition according to location, particularly in terms of calcium content, chlorides, and organic and inorganic impurities. Technical failurs on steam ovens and combi steamers caused by lime scale or aggressive water reduce the life time of the expensive equipment and increase operating costs.

Thus, a water filter system for steam - applications should be choosen very carefully.
ClaroSwiss water filters are more than just water filters. The unique ClaroSwiss water filter combines sophisticated filtration technology with smart engineering excellence in a single cartridge filtration process setting a new standard in its category.

Best machine protection while keeping operating costs low and under control

ClaroSwiss water filter cartridges reduce water hardness and TDS, remove unwanted taste & odour (such as chlorine) from the water and protect equipment from micro particles even under pressure shock, thanks to its solid carbon block filter membrane.

Thanks to the patented DUOBLEND® bypass valve technology the ClaroSwiss water filter system allows a consistent and precise adjustment of carbonate hardness and TDS to adapt the hardness and the conductivity to the required level needed for an optimised performance of the steam oven.
In combination with the 5 stage filtration process including a solid final 5 μm carbon block filter, the ClaroSwiss system sets a new benchmark in the water filter market.

  • > Protects expensive steam ovens from lime scale
  • > Reduces service costs due to no down- time caused by lime scale
  • > Ensures the efficiency and long service life of machinery
  • > Avoids malfunctions and disappointed customers
  • > Organics reduction to remove taste and odour (Chlorine etc...)
  • > High flow-rate / low pressure loss

All in one - water filter cartridge system

  • > Reduces and adapts water hardness and TDS
  • > Organics reduction to remove taste and odour
  • > Heavy metal reduction such as lead, copper, mercury
  • > Calcium stabilisation and lime scale protection
  • > 5 micron carbon block takes out micro particles
  • > Features bacteria inhibition
  • > High flow-rate / high capacity
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