Coffee specialities

ClarosSwiss-C, a matter of good taste

Speciality coffee mainly consist of water. Therefore the quality of water is of crucial importance for a consistent quality of premium coffee.

Water differs greatly in its composition according to location, particularly in terms of calcium content, chlorides, and organic and inorganic impurities.

Water hardness and temporary hardness (alkalinity) - the lime scale forming part of the total hardness - have the highest share of total minerals in most available potable water. That’s why the use of softening filter cartridges became wide standard in the food service industry.

Brewing a premium - coffee requires a specific and balanced mineral composition, that´s why softening filter systems should be equipped with an adjustable blending device to perfectly adapt the hardness minerals. For specialty coffee, it is important to maintain the right balance of some specific minerals in the water as this enhances the coffee flavor and aids proper extraction of the coffee bean and grind. Both, a too small and a too high content of calcium or magnesium has a negative impact on the coffee quality or leads to lime scale in machines. Furthermore, an unbalanced level of alkalinity can lead to a superficial acidity, which can lead to poor crema on espresso or encapsulated flavor of drinks.

Thus, a water filter system for speciality coffee applications should be choosen very carefully.

With the introduction of the ClaroSwiss-C system, Aquis is offering a new standard of filtration technology to the market. It is designed to be the most effective one in terms of mineral adjustment and scale and corrosion protection at lowest operating costs, giving superior water quality as the most important ingredient for a perfect cup of coffee.

Best ingredient water and highest machine protection

Equipment life and the cost for maintenance to keep the coffee-equipment running at peak efficiency depend on the ability of the filter system to selectively and precisely balance mineral levels to protect machine parts effectively from water related problems.

But machine protection is only one part of the story. A food service water filter also needs to trigger a balanced level of minerals and acidity in water as the basis for perfect coffee specialities and to protect sensitive machine parts from corrosion.

The ClaroSwiss-C system makes this possible. It removes taste and odour and regulates the hardness and mineral content to provide the best water for perfect coffee specialities over a broad range of water hardness and in a cost-optimizing manner. The combination of softening the water while preserving and stabilizing a ballanced level of minerals is the secret for effective machine protection and high quality hot drinks.

  • > Coffee with perfect crema, full flavour and pleasant aroma
    > Reduced service costs due to no down- time caused by lime scale
    > Ensures the efficiency and long service life of your machine
    > Avoids malfunctions and disappointed customers
    > Optimized use of ingredients and improved energy costs

All in One - water Filter Cartridge System

  • > Reduces and adapts water hardness and TDS
  • > Organics reduction to remove taste and odour
  • > Heavy metal reduction such as lead, copper, mercury
  • > Calcium stabilisation and lime scale protection
  • > 5 micron carbon block takes out micro particles
  • > Features bacteria inhibition
  • > High flow-rate / high capacity
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