ClaroSwiss Freshline Set with pre-filter

ClaroSwiss Freshline Set with pre-filter 1
ClaroSwiss Freshline Set with pre-filter 1

ClaroSwiss Freshline Set with pre-filter

The ClaroSwiss freshline filter system is a „ALL IN ONE“ water purifier system that delivers healthier and freshly purified water for delicious cold- and hot drinks directly from the tap. Combined with the integrated lime reduction- and stabilization stage, it protects your kitchen appliances effectively from calcification at the same time!

The ClaroSwiss freshline system with pre-filter is dedicated for areas with high levels of particels and sediments in the feed-water.

The system comes as a complete set, including all the components which are necessary for the direct installation under your sink and is available with two different filter sizes:

> Pre-filter for particles and sediments (5 micron)
> ClaroSwiss 250K or 1000K multi-stage water filter with sophisticated
purification functions and effective lime-protection
> ClaroSwiss filter head
> High quality filtrate-dispense faucet
> Electronic filter replacement timer
> T-piece with valve
> Flexible hoses

The patented ClaroSwiss filter head allows you to simply replace the cartridge by your own in seconds: „twist off – twist on“, without a need for a technical service appointment!

The universal ClaroSwiss filter head fits to different sizes of ClaroSwiss kitchen filters and thus, allows an easy upgrade in case of growing demand of purified water!

ClaroSwiss freshline for healthier, cleaner and great-tasting mountain spring-like water from Switzerland!

ClaroSwiss Freshline Set with pre-filter

Pre - filtration of particles and sediments down to 5 micron

Reduction of harmful substances and contaminations, e.g.:

  • > Organics reduction (harmful pesticides, VOC, etc...)
    > Heavy metal reduction (toxic lead, copper, mercury,etc...)
    > Removes bad taste and odour (such as chlorine, humic, etc...)
    > 0.5 micron fine filter block (takes out micro particles)
    > Radio nuclides (e.g. radium and uranium)

Protects kitchen appliances from calcification and related malfunctions (leakage, corrosion,..):

> Reduction of water hardness and TDS-content
> Calcium stabilization
> Ensure a well balanced content of minerals, especially calcium and magnesium, in the filtrate

Features bacteria inhibition

Filter-capacity (for average tap-water quality):
250K: approx. 1.500 liter
1000K: approx. 7.000 liter